Helen Hazon – Series#1 – Architecture in My Travels

I have chosen to use my quilt from July 2016 as the starting point for my series. The theme in July was Architecture using a stencil and my quilt was inspired by the Lotus Temple in New Delhi.

Since retiring from teaching 7½ years ago my husband and I have become world travellers, visiting lots of new places each year. We see many wonderful things both natural and man made and take hundreds of photographs wherever we go. The subjects of a high proportion of our photographs are buildings that are characteristic of each country – usually because their architecture is so distinctive. I have decided to follow this theme and base my series on buildings that I have found particularly interesting in the places we have visited.

I intend to base my designs on my own photographs of the buildings and to use fabrics, colours and stitching to reflect my impressions of each different country. The unifying theme will be Architecture in my Travels but I will use a range of techniques, choosing those that best suit each individual subject.

  1. Architecture was one of my favourite theme too ! I look forward to seeing your next quilt.

  2. I love the architecture theme, too! I visited the Kölner Dom in Germany during the Chinese New Year holiday and was fascinated by the breathtaking cathedral.

  3. This one is so beautiful. I am anxious to see your next pieces. Architecture in travels is such a nice theme.

  4. Lovely choice of subject, and I really like the idea of linking the architecture and the colours evoked by the places you visit.

  5. I look forward to seeing how you continue to interpret ‘Architecture’ — and to hearing the back story of your travels!

  6. I admired this quilt first time around, and I too think that it’s a lovely idea to link your subject to your photographs of travels so that each piece contains a memory for you. Looking forward to the next one

  7. I loved this piece when you first shared it with us. The colors are so vibrant and the design is clearly influenced by India. It will be interesting to watch the two architectural series unfold.

  8. A good choice to make follow-ups on this lovely piece. And a nice way to make your memories come alive. Looking forward on the next piece and the technique you will use to create it.

  9. A nice way to create a memory-lane

  10. This is a beautiful vibrant arquitectual piece representing your travels to India. What a lovely idea of combining arquitecture with memories of your travels throughout the world.

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