Sonia Ruiz – Series #5

While I was thinking about my 5th quilt in my “Sacred Heart” series, I wanted to continue using the bits and pieces I haven’t been wanting to throw away.  I started by looking into my big bag of scraps and separating some blue and purple bits and began sewing them together and cutting them and sewing it again and again to create my new fabric. One of the fabrics I was used was a sample of machine stitches with different colors threads.

Once I created my new fabric I began cutting strips into a type of ray or desdén shape.  This became my background. I continued this technique with the red fabric to create the heart.  I embellished the seams of the heart with different stitches, cut the flames on a batik piece of fabric and appliquéd both the flames and the heart.  For the thorns I used an old, thick shoelace and couched it down.  I then embellished it with a few red beads symbolizing drops of blood, added the eyelash yarn and finished it with a cross from my broken rosary collection and quilted it with simple lines.

Close up View:

Quilt in Series:





  1. This is a great 5th in your series. The colours are vibrant and I like the way that you have used scraps to create your fabrics. Lovely.

  2. What a beautiful end of your series. I love the fabric you created for the background and the heart. The different colors of sample stitching are just doing the trick. Lovely bright colors. Bravo!

  3. A bright and colourful end to your series with very clever use of your bits and pieces.

  4. I also love the way you have created a new fabric from bits and pieces. This last heart is a beautiful ending to your series. Bravo.

  5. Beautiful, bright colors. I love the background you created with bits and pieces, and it is a powerful piece to complete your series. Nice work and great series, well done.

  6. English quilter

    I love your imaginative use of scraps, and the combination of colours and textures, such as the green eyelash style yarn. This piece is a great closure to the series. It looks quite dramatic.

  7. A beautiful 5th quilt the colours are so vibrant. Bravo

  8. I love the way that you have created your new fabric from your scraps, and you have inspired me to try and use some of my huge scrap bag in the same way. The contrasting colours work really well, and your embellishments give texture and further interest to the piece. This is a great end to your series.

  9. Sonia, you created a great background. Also the heart is beautiful. Lovely technique and a great result.

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