Chantal Guillermet – Medieval

 My quilts are usually flat, and I’m always afraid to add too much texture : working on this theme was a real challenge for me !

I’ve chosen to work on tiles : I’ve used my pictures (taken visiting castles or abbayes in France),but  websites on medieval themes helped me also  for shapes and drawings and Yvonne Brown’s book (Tex-tiles and treasure) was used for the technique.

Material :

Hand dyed and commercial fabrics, synthetic felt, transfer paint, acrylic paints, bonda-web, decorative yarns.

Techniques :

The felt was dyed with transfer paint

The tile motif is drawn on a square of stabilizer (stich & tear)

A sandwich made with the felt + background fabric + stabilizer

The motif is free motion stitched from the back using decorative thread in the bobbin and regular cotton thread on the top.

Then the motif is cut out using a soldering iron and the surface distressed with a heat gun.

The surface is embellished with a bit of gold wax for a shiny effect.

The tiles are appliqué on the background with a narrow zigzag;

The background surface is free motion quilted to give the impression of a stone wall, with appliqué  ivy leaves .

The door is made with painted bonda-web and free motion quilting.

The quilt is faced to give more strength to the scene.


Close up:

Chantal #2web


  1. I know you will laugh when I say that this is so French. I wish I could run my hands over those tiles to feel the texture, great choice and work. Cheers

  2. I think you have captured both the theme and your subject matter beautifully. I am particularly interested in your use of felt and distressing, as I am currently exploring that technique for my work, too. Lovely piece!

  3. This piece has really captured the essence of the theme Chantal, I love the texture on the tiles. As Kaylene says, so very French. Beautiful. Diana

  4. I really love the colors, the texture and the tiles. Beautiful.

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