Els Mommers – Recycle – Rust

Artist Statement: RECYCLE: Rust

I was just collecting and drying teabags and coffeepads when the theme Recycle was announced, so I decided to use them on a rusted piece of fabric.

Material: Rusted fabric, dried teabags and coffee-pads, metallic gold fabric paint, metallic gold thread, variegated cotton thread, acrylic gel medium, gilders paste gold, paintstick gold, feather, fabric beads, very small rusted clothpins, beads.

Techniques: rusting, stenciling, appliqué, machine-embroidery, hand and machine quilting.



  1. Els I love the harmony of this and the small details.

  2. Love the idea of using rust and all the lovely embellishments and agree with Caro a well balanced design.

  3. I love the materials you used in the quilt! They are inspirational.

  4. Harmony of colours, a lot of interesting details, bravo Els !
    Plus I love your feather !

  5. English quilter

    This piece is fascinating. I would love to know more about the techniques you used in the piece.

  6. Thank you Susan. Just let me know which techniques you want to know more about.

  7. Els this quilt is a gem. Every time I look at I see another technique; there are just so many interesting areas. The balance is perfect and I too would love to try some of the techniques used.

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