Susan Slesinger – Memories – Pairs

When I was a child we often played memory games at parties.  One version was to remember items placed on a tray which would be viewed for a short period of time then removed.  Another involved matching covered pictures to find pairs.  As a mature adult I have started to play “scientifically created” memory games on my iPad and computer to try to avoid age-related memory issues.

I have interpreted this month’s theme as a memory game board which can be played.  Eight pairs of fruit pictures were printed on fabric.  They have been set in a grid made of commercial batiks.  They can be covered and uncovered at will to match the pairs.  The machine and hand stitched covers are hinged.










  1. I remember that game with the tray — though the name of it escapes me. You’ve created a fun and unique interpretation of the theme, with a subtle design that (in a swift motion or two) reveals the ‘trick’ or the ‘solution’ underneath. 🙂

  2. What a great idea, and so tactile. well done

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