Kaylene Maalste – Architecture – Split Rock Lighthouse

My original thought was to depict the architecture of a lighthouse, so after a Google search I settled on Split Rock Lighthouse. My method was to thread sketch the lighthouse and  stencil the name and another lighthouse. I feel the placement of the elements is not quiet correct. So I appreciate you taking a look.


Material: White cotton with black cotton backing.

Techniques. Freezer paper stenciling with oil sticks. Free motion quilting.








  1. carolinehiggs

    I like the simplicity and clean lines, maybe the stitched light-house could have a been a little higher… you asked!

  2. joanbrailsford

    I think you may be judging yourself too harshly because I also like the simplicity of the design. I love the way you have stitched the main lighthouse, and the placement off-center is just right

  3. I like your simple black-on-white interpretation too…a ‘pen and ink’ drawing…but since you asked, I do find the layout very formal. Perhaps superimposing the images or adding a third impression of a light house in the background…?

  4. I like the simplicity of the shapes and the thread sketching. But for me the white is too dominant ( small pieces of black & white prints on the background ? or some quilting with black thread ?)
    I wouldn’t have framed the stencilled letter

  5. http://ekeskleurdesign.blogspot.no/

    I like the subject you choose, lighthouses are always intriguing. And I like the colour setting, black, white and red are similar to lighthouses. Maybe light grey waves an clouds on the background give more body to the forms you made. And I agree with Caro, the stitched lighthouse could stand a little higher or you can make it bigger and more dominating.

  6. Kaylene, your design reminds me of the sketches early surveyors in NZ made in their field books, with the addition of a small amount of water colour paint. I agree with all the suggestions made above, and you could add a few extra stitches in future. I like the pen and ink impression of your design.

  7. English quilter

    I like the idea of the vertical lettering instead of horizontal. The two light houses remind me of someone going out and sketching on site, then filling in at home. The piece is reminiscent of a real journal page. The stenciled lighthouse is beautifully executed.

  8. I really like the stencilled light house and the thread sketching of the taller one. Design wise I agree with the above mentioned suggestions, in this way we can learn from each other.

  9. I like the simplicity of the piece, it does look like a page from a journal but that’s not to say it’s wrong

  10. I like the simplicity and I love the stripy lighthouse.

  11. I like the way you created the light houses, especially the sketched one. Although i like the simplistic design just black and white, I would do something with the background, maybe pale colours of a beach and sea.

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