Cindy Richard – Music

Scottish Bagpipes

Music is usually associated with beauty. It calms the mind and even the soul. Scottish bagpipes are also considered music, but they are more cacophonous than beautiful. Yet the sound of a bagpipe brings the beauty of Scotland to mind, so who says bagpipes don’t convey music?

While on a recent to trip to the Highlands of Scotland, we came upon this Scot playing his bagpipes in the street. He attracted quite a crowd. It was picturesque and memorable. I took his photo and share him with you here!

Techniques: Raw-edge applique, free motion quilting, pencil and marker drawing, hand binding.

Materials: Cotton batik fabrics, synthetic satin, tulle, cotton/ polyester batting, cotton, polyester, metallic and rayon threads, fusing material, stabilizer.


Close up view:

Original photo:
  1. What a handsome guy! I mean the one appliqued 🙂 Great job!

  2. Reminds me of my trip to Scotland and listening to bagpipe music. I truly admire your attention to details. Perfect!

  3. I have to contradict your take on bagpipe music, it can be fantastic in the right setting! Great attention to detail!


    Interesting interpretation ! great attention to details and very good reproduction of the scene. I like how you managed to reproduce the pavement.

  5. Skillful interpretation of the theme and photograph

  6. You managed to translate you picture into a quilt with all the details. Bagpipe music is a strange kind of noise, but it touches and tells a story.

  7. Such a nice interpretation of your photo. I appreciate the fabric choices for the stairs as it makes them come to life. The positioning of the bagpiper’s feet adds to the realism.

  8. studiociboulette

    Bagpipes is such an interesting instrument. I feel the sound belongs to the vast open space. This is such a beautiful interpretation of the foto. Well done!

  9. I agree that the bagpipes can be cacophonous, but your stitching and attention to detail is anything but. What a well observed and well worked piece. Congratulations

  10. A perfect, as usual, transposition from the photo to the textile. Bravo!

  11. I love pipe music, it’s so atmospheric. Your picture is a perfect example of how pipers can often be found playing on the streets in Scotland.

  12. You did an incredible job translating this beautiful picture into a quilt. I LOVE it.

  13. Cindy, your choice of fabrics are great. Even is the technique and stitching. A very beautiful translation of the picture into a quilt.

  14. Such attention to detail, wow, love the perspective of the pavement and stairs and of course the young man tapping his foot. Lovely interpretation Cindy!

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