Eke Krug – Reflections -Reconstructed reflection

Reflection, a difficult theme for me. You can look at it in many different ways. Reflection on water is the first thing to think about, you see it almost every day and it is beautiful in all circumstances.
And there is the reflection of the mind, interpreting the things and people you see, but do you always look in the right way? And then self-reflection, one of the most difficult ways to look….. Like looking in a damped mirror, you see, but not quite well.
That is where my quilt starts, trying to make a damped mirror, with some black fungus in it.  Melting synthetic felt with metal foils and Tyvek, layer on layer, to create a new fabric, which is supposed to be the mirror. After that, the view of a broken mirror occurred to me, so that’s what it is. Trying to look in a damped, broken mirror. The pieces reconstructed, hoping it will give some reflection.


Synthetic felt, synthetic organza, vliesofix, metal foil, hotspots, Tyvek, synthetic velvet for the background, metallic yarn, invisible yarn and sewing yarn.


Melting felt, organza, hotspots, Tyvek and metal-foil to create new fabric, raw edge applique, all the quilting with straight- and embroidery stitches on the sewing machine.







  1. Very effective, great use of different materials.

  2. The fabric you have created with your melting and layering techniques is very effective and has depth and interest as you look at it closely. Your stitching is wonderful and the piece is a great interpretation of the theme

  3. Nice work of effect. Congratulations on the skill of using these materials. It makes three-dimensional well.

  4. Very interesting interpretation. I like the execution as well. It’s quite a strong piece.

  5. Chantal Guillermet

    Very interesting piece. I like the idea of a broken mirror and the use of the different materials is very effective.
    Very nice and well balanced piece.

  6. I really like how you created the new fabric for the mirror. It is such a different and creative way to interpret the theme. Very well done!

  7. I was so intrigued when I saw your interpretation, I love everything about it. Bravo.

  8. Your techniques have produced an excellent impression of a broken mirror. An interesting take on the theme.

  9. You really created a broken mirror. Great use of materials. I like the dept in your piece: how the mirror is on top of the background

  10. Wow, excellent use of techniques and layering, very intriguing.

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