Joan Brailsford – Gathering My Thoughts

Gathering my thoughts :
This quilt reflects on my early morning quiet time, when I gather my thoughts for the day ahead.
The background is loosely based on a log cabin design, with the ‘centre’ being the top left hand corner, where a running stitch circle represents sunshine. In the opposite, bottom left hand corner of the quilt I have added an applique cup of tea, which usually is my cue to get on with the rest of the day! The fabrics are mainly hand dyed with a few commercial patterned pieces, where I feel they are needed and that they work.
I used the words of my thoughts as the quilting pattern. These are not in straight lines or too neat, which exactly matches how haphazard and random my thoughts are. I would like to say that this was intentional, but it’s more a product of my untidy handwriting and not-so-hot free machining skills. However, having said that, I didn’t want to correct it, because I like how it ended up.
The words which are quilted are
“a lovely  sunny day … think I’ll hang out the washing … wonder what to wear today … must sew on that button … not much in the cupboard so I’ll need to do some shopping today … when I was young a sunny day was for skipping and hopping and playing … it meant cotton dresses and T-bar sandals and ankle socks … somehow I seem to be a grownup … how did that happen … and when … where did all the days go between then and now … it must have been when I looked away … I think I’ll wear ankle socks today … bring on the day … let’s have a cuppa”
I hope that these are self explanatory, and my printed photo image of myself as a baby with my father is meant to be a point of reference for the text.
Joan 2
Joan 3
  1. Great interpretation of the theme. Love the way you incorporated your dad and the cup of coffee as well as the stitching of the thoughts.

  2. I write “Morning Pages” (a la Julia Cameron) every day…gathering my thoughts as you do. A wonderful interpretation of “my” journal!

  3. Hi Joan, I have not had time to comment, but here are my thoughts, I like the soft use of the primary colours to indicate early morning, I usually take photographs of our sunrises and have seen these colours when it is not going to be a hot day.
    The writing adds a lot of character to your quilt and the coffee cup makes a viewer look to see what else is happening. The yellow takes the viewers eyes on a trip up to the yellow sun (great idea).
    Well done

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