Marion Caspers – S

S Feather

Inspiration: techniques in “The painted Quilt” by Linda and Laura Kemshall

I was inspired by Linda and Laura Kemshall’s book “The Painted Quilt” which shows a different way how to incorporate paint into a quilted surface. First I prepared a quilt sandwich of the required size. To create texture, I quilted it tight with a close quilting pattern all over. For a focal point I chose to quilt a feather design around the S shape. Then I applied a coat of white acrylic paint to the entire piece. I found the design of two arrows shaping the S and made it into a lino cut. I constructed three print blocks in three different sizes but in the end used only one repetitively. To create proximity, I hand stitched the same symbols in between. Finally, using complementary colors , I painted the feather with acrylic paint diluted.

Detail view:

  1. Love the variety of S and techniques incorporated!

  2. Interesting the S created with arrows and reported by linotype. Bravo for your first work with our group.

  3. Congratulations on your first entry! Very interesting technique makes this piece shine. Your focal point truly draws attention!

  4. A great start to your involvement with the group. A first glance a simple piece but on closer inspection there is a mass of detail! Lovely work, I really like the colours on the ‘S’.

  5. I agree with Caro, the detail is what makes this quilt stand out. Bravo


    Linda & Laura were my tutors for my City&Guild diploma and I always got a lot of inspiration from them. I like the acrylic paint covering the background, it gives depth to the piece.

  7. I love the way how you created the lino-block S. Your feather S is beautifully executed and you made a very nice gradient of colors. Congratulations on your first entry

  8. I love your feathered focal point and the way that the colours are graded within it. Although the background is a simple colour the way you have stitched and painted it has given it a wonderful depth and interest. A great first entry

  9. studiociboulette

    I love your basket weave quilting in the background, it gives a beautiful texture to the quilt. Beautiful colors on your S and quite originally painted in feathers. Beautiful.

  10. A great entrance with your first work in the group. Love the way you first made your background, and later on put the colors on it. A close look shows all the details you made, well done!

  11. Love your method of using the arrows to create each “S”. The background quilting creates visual interest.

  12. You have used an interesting set of techniques in this piece and the result is lovely. There is so much detail throughout.

  13. Love all the unique texture you created with painting over your quilting stitches, it kind of reminds me of graffiti. Very interesting and lovely results, well done!

  14. What a great background! Beautiful! I love the colors of your feathered S.

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