Caro Higgs – Motion – A little motion in the air

At first I was unsure how to tackle this subject but after a look through my stash and my dictionary of quotations I came up with this. The title is mis-quoting Shelley (Charles the first 1.10) and fits the fabric perfectly. Two summers ago I did a shibori and dyeing course, it was essentially using indigo but there was also iron and pomegranate on the go, I dyed this in two stages with two different stitch methods, the result pleased me and I knew that it would come in to its own one day!

I chose to hand stitch with a wool thread to give a texture to the paler pattern, then with running stitch and a fine thread I stitched along any fold lines I could identify to give some relief to the background, the rust colour was then free machine stitched. I didn’t have enough of the main fabric for a binding and I felt it needed a binding so I managed to find something that blended in and which I included in the final addition of the floating seeds.


I seem to have cut a fraction off the top quite by mistake…The fabric is not as coarse as it looks in the close-up and the actual colours are darker than the detail. At this time of year it is really difficult to have good consistent light for photographing!


  1. Caro a clever use of the fabric, those pieces that we think do not have any value at the time only need to age. The stitching is what gives the fabric life. Well done

  2. An unusual interpretation indeed…love the hand stitch!

  3. We all see different things on a piece of fabric that is a hand dyed and it can be a very good source of inspiration. You have used this one perfectly !

  4. I love your hand dyed fabric and hand stitching! Good texture!

  5. You used this fabric very well. I love your hand stitching and the floating seeds.

  6. It is so much your style Caro. I love your hand stitching.

  7. I like the ‘randomness’ of your dyed fabric and your hand stitch adds a level of detail which really uses it to it’s best advantage

  8. Caro, the stitching is very effective, as are the colors.

  9. Caro, what a find in your created fabrics. The stitching is lovely, very fine and the floating seed heads are just so delicate.

  10. English quilter

    Caro This is stunning. The piece of fabric you used is intriguing. The quilt is full of motion. The detail shot shows your beautiful handwork and the variety of stitching you used. The binding matches beautifully.

  11. Caro, this is a piece which needed to be looked at again and again. Such nice colours and fine details. It is the motion that makes us quiet, a natural pattern of seedpods in the air, which you captured perfectly, especially by the use of the natural colours.

  12. Very light and airy. I particularly like the little floating seeds.

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