Kaylene Maalste – M

M for Mushrooms

Inspiration – For the last two quilts for 2020 I decided to turn to nature for inspiration, at the time I was cooking with mushrooms so I thought why not. I was also inspired by a technique I saw in a book in the library where the outlines of motives where hand stitched.

Method. The letter M and mushrooms where outlined on the fabric. The mushrooms where then outlined with a larger mushroom shape. Then I proceeded to hand stitch with stab stitch around around the larger mushroom shape in one colour. The colours in-between the mushroom was random. The quilt was then bound with a grey fabric.

Close up View:

  1. I really like like this Kaylene, it works really well! The colour changes work well, the seed stitching must have taken you hours!

  2. I also like this piece Kaylene ! your hand stitches are incredible and I like how you have added a colourful halo with a mushroom shape around each mushroom ! bravo !

  3. You created such beautiful texture with your seed stitching and thread color changes, such attention to detail! Amazing Kaylene!

  4. You chose for a very labour intensive way of working, the seed stitch makes for wonderful texture. The mushrooms and the shapes around them are beautifully emphasized due to your stitching. Well done.

  5. So this month we are soul sisters – we both stitched mushrooms! Love your capture of the idea of mushroom hunting when we have to break through the forrst darkness to find the little treasures.

  6. A real playful piece with lots of interesting movement. Love the colours and the texture of the time consuming and meticulous handstitching. Bravo.

  7. Wow, what a lot of stitching to highlight the mushrooms and create this quilt. I like the colours and the way you have created the design. Well done

  8. studiociboulette

    Kaylene, this is such a gorgeous quilt. I love the colors, composition, and most of all the stitching. Incredibly beautiful. Bravo!

  9. Really like the way you made this quilt, and what a patience, all those stitches to show the mushrooms, a great composition!

  10. A great example of simplicity making a lovely quilt. The stitching is amazing as it must have taken so long to do ….. but so very effective!

  11. Wow, that’s something different! Wonderful idea, I truly admire your patience.

  12. I love your technique! It must have taken days to do all the hand stitching. The result I stunning because you used the different colors.

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