Lin Hsin-Chen – The Life of Flowers

The time of flowers blooming and fading is short. Flowers themselves know their life time is limited, so they cherish every second in their lifetime to show the most beautiful aspect of them and make the best use of their existence to the extreme. Whether it’s a flower bud, a glamorous bloom or even a solitary fading flower, it spends the lifetime in beauty. How about us? Do we also cherish every stage of life and seize the time?

 Wish everyone live a bright and beautiful life.

Materials: Wool, hand-dyed fabrics, commercial dyed fabrics, commercial fabrics

Techniques: The wool is transplanted into fabrics and made undetachable.

Hand appliqué, hand pieced, hand quilted

The Life of Flowers-FullLin

Close up View:

The Life of Flowers-Lin


  1. Beautiful colors

  2. “Do we also cherish every stage of life and seize the time?”

    As a widow (at age 53) of a man with Type 1 Diabetes, my answer? “YES!”

    A lovely rendering. Thank you.

    • Thank you! I wish you well and enjoy everyday of life!
      For me, quilting is a way to adjust my thoughts and I enjoy sharing my thoughts with others 🙂

  3. This is a well designed quilt and congratulations on your work, it is eye catching.

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