Genevieve Guadalupe – Series #2 – Abstract

My challenge this time was to make an abstract of a stylized tree. I chose to focus on the color and bring out the design through the colors.

Cotton and poly/cotton fabrics, poly/cotton thread, hand dyed fabric, poly batting

genevieve guadalupe abstract



Series previous pieces:




  1. Well done a true abstract reflection of your original design.

  2. carolinehiggs

    What patience! I love the way that you have created this and the result is really successful.

  3. quilterpaola

    Excellent realization with a strong knowledge of colour management and ability to restore the image of the previous work. Charming result.

  4. Chantal GUILLERMET

    In harmony with the previous work, I like how you managed to get the abstraction of the tree.

  5. joanbrailsford

    The gradation of colours is cleverly done and beautifully put together. A lovely abstract piece

  6. This is a true abstract version of your first tree. Lovely how you used the fabric for this tree. Very effective quilting. Did you fuse the squares on a background?

  7. This piece reflects your first tree so beautifully. Love the colours and the abstract version of the tree. Bravo.

  8. A great way to translate your tree to an abstract piece. Love the way you build up the image and followed the lines of your tree in the first piece. Difficult

  9. With the use of your fabric choices, color gradations and quilting you’ve created a beautiful abstract piece. Well done Genevieve.

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