Genevieve Guadalupe – Series #1 – Black and white



Art quilt


This assignment was like a bowl of fresh air for me. As a print maker, I am used to work in black and white, and was delighted to translate it into fiber.

My quilt represents the breath of life, featuring an imposing tree spinning with the earth. I gave the sensation of speed with the shape of the tree and the movement of breath with the multi-directional oversized leaves. I kept the quilting simple to keep the focus on the design.

Cotton fabrics, poly batting, poly/cotton thread.

Raw edge applique.




  1. Beautiful interpretation I can feel the motion. The quilting is so precise and delicate. Bravo

  2. carolinehiggs

    Lovely, the use of the patterned fabric mixed with the black for the leaves works really well and it is all so delicate…

  3. I like the stylised shape of the tree and the economy of fabrics. Very effective.

  4. I love the tree scape and the mix of plain black and printed fabrics. The quilting makes it complete.

  5. What a beautiful composition. I love the movement in it. The simple quilting lines are very effective.

  6. joanbrailsford

    What a beautiful and elegant interpretation. I love the simplicity of your design and your quilting is perfect. Very well done

  7. Very nice interpretation. I like your implementation as well. Really artistic minimalism.

  8. I love the shape of the tree and the movement it gives. In its simplicity it is fascinating.

  9. Your printing style translated very nicely to fabric. Love the movement of the tree, leaves and your choice of fabrics and the quilting finished it off perfectly giving it a sophisticated, modern look.

  10. Printmaking and translating that in fabric, a nice way to look at the black and white challenge. Love your design and the simple stitching makes it a strong piece, well done!

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