Sonia Ruiz – Series #1 – “Sacred Hearts”

Deciding on a theme was not easy, so many ideas.  I finally chose the theme of “Sacred Hearts” for this series.  The Sacred Heart is one of the most common motifs in religious folk art created in Mexico. The idea is that the physical heart of Jesus is a symbol of his divine love for humanity. The Mexican sacred heart comes in various forms — with flames around it, with a crown, with a dagger through the center and sometimes with a crown of thorns — and all represent the same thing, Jesus’ compassion for humanity.   I will also incorporate what is sacred to my heart.
  I will be experimenting with different techniques and with fabric scraps from all the bits and pieces of quilts I’ve made with so much love for all my friends and family throughout the years.  I will also include some of the bits and pieces that my mom has given me from weddings and other special occasions, including lace,  ribbons, yarns and embellishments .  I couldn’t get rid of all these scraps, I knew one day I would use them.  These bits of fabrics bring back so many wonderful memories, I can’t wait to begin and share this journey with you.   Let the creativity begin!
My first sacred heart quilt is made from scraps.  I experimented with permanent markers as a dye and I hand dyed the background fabric and the heart, which is made from 80/20 warm and natural batting, with this technique.  Also used some acrylic paints.  The lettering transfer is a sacred heart prayer my mother says in Spanish.  The hands are made of sparkly tulle. The pearls around the heart is part of a broken rosary from a collection I have gathered from my mother throughout the years.  I made French knots with a thick, gold metallic thread.   I used ribbons for the red and tri colored fabrics.  I appliquéd the Our Lady of Guadalupe image and finished the quilt off with some fun yarn, thick silver thread and beads for the flame of the heart.  Rays are  quilted with Gutterman  polyester thread.
Close up View:
  1. carolinehiggs

    What a lovely piece to start with. There are so many small details it would have been nice to see a close up of some of them. Wonderfully neat, and very effective, background quilting.

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    This is a nice piece ! your background quilting is beautifully excecuted and I like the contrast between the light blue and the powerful red ! well done .I look forwad to seeing your other pièces.

  3. Sonia, your treat of your theme is straight forward, your attention to detail and design is to be commended, and I agree with the previous two comments.

  4. Sonia, thank you for contributing this lovely piece to the Series project. I was fascinated by the details of painting and stitch, and touched by your sensitive expression of your chosen theme. I grew up in Quebec, the Canadian province that is French Canadian and has very strong Roman Catholic roots, even though nowadays it is far more secular than it used to be. So the image of “sacre coeur” is well known to me, and I am looking forward to seeing how your series unfolds.

  5. joanbrailsford

    Sonia this is a lovely piece, and I like the way you have used your special ‘bits and pieces’ to create it. Your colours and stitching are beautiful, and I look forward to seeing the next piece in your series

  6. A Lovely piece I like the almost calm serenity of the background with the contrast of the Red Heart and icon. The words you transferred are soft and subtle but still appear as words I like this would love to try this.

  7. A very effective piece. I like your use of bits and pieces and I like the simple quilting behind such a detailed design.

  8. Very nice piece Sonia and so beautiful executed. I like the color contrast and the effective quilting lines. Would love to know how you did the lettering transfer. I recognize the hand dyeing with the markers as you learned me in Mexico.

  9. A religious quilt is new to me. Yours is so piece-full. A great way to use memorable items. Well done.

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