Diana Vincent – Connected

Although Alexander Graham Bell holds the patent on the telephone, it is widely believed that the Italian Antonio Meucci first made the discovery of the ability for sound to travel through electrical impulses. Regardless of who did invent the telephone, little did they realise what a huge impact it would have on generations to come. Through those waves we first had the telephone and then it just kept advancing.  Through the satellites that bounce the signals for our emails and internet we can now stay connected with family and friends and do business anywhere in the world, and I am sure even more incredible things will happen in the future.
Hand painted and air brushed on cotton background. Waterproof pens and machine quilting.


Close up View:


  1. Excellent, your quilt really stood out in the crowd and I just love your treatment to convey sound waves. Cheers

  2. Beautiful colors and quilting Diana

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