Eke Krug – Re-arranged

25 becomes 23

Re-arranged, a subject that intrigues. What is the meaning, how to perform it, which way to go. These are the thoughts going through my mind with this subject. The first thing I decide is to create my own fabric. I take a white cotton and textile-paint in red, yellow and blue, and start with monoprinting the fabric. Nice colours and textures are coming alive. But it is not enough for my plans. There must be something like an eye-catcher, something that will pop-up in the quilt when it’s ready. With a water-resistant marker in black, I draw lines and some little circles. And with white textile-paint some marks in the black lines. Now the fabric has character and is ready for use.

Vliesofix is ironed on the backside of the fabric. And then the cutting begins. There is no plan, I don’t experiment, but start out of the blue, cutting the fabric in pieces. Four cuts makes five strips, and four cuts in the strips makes 25 pieces, all with a different size and shape. Now it is time to fuse them on a piece of white fabric. I don’t try to fit them to each other, the white fabric shows in between the shapes,  sometimes the shapes are overlapping each other. When finished there are two pieces left unused, that gives me the title ’25 becomes 23′. With white sewing threads I surround each piece. And after that a little quilting in the primary colours, not too much, I like the ups and downs of the fabric so far. Black threads are hand-sewn along the black lines.

Materials: White cotton,  textilepaint, markers, batting, sewingthreads in cotton, synthetic, viscose and silk

Technique: Monoprint, drawing, painting, machine and hand quilting

You can read about my process here ekeskleurdesign


Close up views:






  1. This is wonderful, you have managed to make something that looks to be haphazard but on closer inspection has so much attention to detail with your stitching. Really lovely.

  2. A wonderful and well-done composition. The choice of colours and textures fascinates me. I love it. Bravo!

  3. I love the process of making your own fabric. The black lines filled with some white makes it intriguing. The outlining of the squares is very effective. Beautiful piece.

  4. Very interesting work Eke ! I really like how the black and white lines give movement to your piece and how they overlap. Bravo !

  5. studiociboulette

    Very nice quilt and the thread painting is wonderful, it brings out a lot of texture. Fantastic!

  6. I love the ‘sketchy’ effect that your thread painting achieves, and the detail which is involved. You have created a really interesting piece.

  7. I like that this looks random but really isn’t. Your explanation of its evolution is great.

  8. Great composition and a strong impact!

  9. The black and white lines are very effective in your work. The white spaces between the pieces give your work a stunning effect.

  10. I like the layered in and out feel you give this piece. Strong interpretation.

  11. English quilter

    A very effective abstract interpretation. Your color scheme worked very well And the white space around each shape makes them stand out. The linear shapes within your “blocks” add to the movement in the piece and made me think of tree trunks bending in a strong wind. Well done.

  12. Wonderful piece Eke! Love all the techniques you used and how you rearranged the shapes creating interesting effects. Well done!

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