Paola Zanda – Artist style #6

To finish my series, I have chosen inspiring me from the “Paris without End” to represent a vision of my village Carona.

Colicot cotton dyed in layers with acrylic colours.
Machine quilting with embroidery and sewing threads in cotton.

  1. A great finale for your series. I really admire the way that you have worked this giving the essence of your home surroundings. Lovely work!

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    Great harmony in your series due to the economy of colour and the purified drawing. Bravo !

  3. Just amazing how with so little means you are able to create the great artistic depth.

  4. A wonderful series, and I have to agree with Caro and Chantal, I enjoy the simplicity of the design and stitching.

  5. studiociboulette

    Beautiful thread drawing, very much in the style of the artist. Fantastic series. Bravo!

  6. I love your technique that continues all the way, with a minimum of color and beautiful stitching.

  7. That is a beautiful finale to your series. I admire the minimalism in this piece and how you have achieved a great result with seemingly simple stitching.

  8. Just by a little sketching you created a complete village. Well don and a great end of your series.

  9. This is a wonderful finish to your series. I love the sketchy quality of each of your little quilts.

  10. I really love, how you, with minimal lines, created such a beautiful stitched village. A real great end of your series.

  11. A striking, well balanced and beautifully stitched rendition of your village. I admire how well you were able to create so much detail with your thread painting. Perfect finale to your series. Well done!

  12. A lovely finale to your series. Really effective stitching that creates a gentle picture.

  13. joanbrailsford

    It is amazing how the mimimal stitching in your thread drawing accurately depicts the vista. A fitting finale to your series. Well done

  14. Just a few stitches and you created a village. Great!!

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