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The Mould Store

Inspiration: Once again I return to Middleport Pottery, and my favourite place in the whole site is the Mould store.

I have used pictures of my favourite place in Middleport pottery, which is the Mould store, as my starting point for this design. It contains neatly stacked moulds used to create the pottery throughout the years. I love the shapes not only of the moulds themselves, but also of the outline shapes of the stacks. I think that the stacks of moulds on their shelves, and the history they contain, is almost a reference library.

I used a transfer printed cotton as the background, but since the colours came out too bright for my design, I used the reverse of the fabric. As with the rest of the series, I have used a collage of transfer prints of my own photos. I hand quilted around the mould shapes throughout and copied the outline shapes of the stacks of moulds to add further hand-stitched quilting lines. Because of the historic feel of the store, I included prints of some bowls which have older designs. I added the shape of the bottle oven on the right of the piece, and some brickwork shapes, to continue with the ongoing theme of the series.

Detail views:


Original photos:


  1. I really like the way you have continued with the muted colours and how your stitching on the right makes that side look brighter than on the other side of the ‘bottle kiln’. Such a great subject to add to your series, well done.

  2. Great idea to use the reverse side of your fabric, it brings out the subtle colours. Beautiful quilt.

  3. Very clever idea to use the back of your fabric ! I like the muted colours of your piece and the addition of the blue prints. Beautiful !

  4. Always looking forward to your next quilt in your clever series. The background with all the stacked moulds is very interesting, the subdued colours are lovely. Love your incorporation of the pretty blue bowls. Again you have made a great addition to your series.

  5. Another great piece added to the stitched story of this factory. Love the whole series and this addition is no exception!

  6. What a great addition to your series again. Every time I am in awe about the new images of your favourite place. The subdued colours work great in your pieces and I love how you continue with the simple line of the shape of the bottle oven and the separate outlines of the stacks of molds.

  7. Love how your series continues to capture the historic feel of the old pottery factory. The addition of the vintage blue bowls superimposed over the stacked molds adds a nice pop of color and dimension. Another lovely addition to your series, well done Joan!

  8. Your quilt has so much to see, I hardly know where to begin! Each element is so nicely done and I truly appreciate the history you share with each composition. The subtle “shadow” stitching you have added contributes to the overall visual interest of the quilt.

  9. studiociboulette

    Beautiful quilt. Great addition to your series. I love your composition, color palette and attention to details. I love visiting the factory through your eyes.

  10. It will be great to see your series all together. Every new quilt you show is stunning. I love the color palette, the design and your stitching, bravo Joan!

  11. I agree with all the previous comments. This is very clever, especially the stitch details and the inclusion of the blue bowls. I’m inspired to visit the pottery someday.

  12. It’s an amazing continuation of your series. Bravo!

  13. Your quilts make me curious to see the pottery in real. Again great techniques and composition. Beautiful!!

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