Caro Higgs – Squares

Woven stories

This was a good excuse to use up some of my stash and play with the concept of weaving. I have returned to my Indian theme, the fabrics all come from India, whether it is the silk sari fabric or the cottons. The indigo printed fabric is one I made with a mud resist while I was there the other two cottons and the patterned silk sari were dyed when I got home. Weaving appealed as a subject even if the squares are not perfect squares the idea is there; while travelling around there were so many wonderful things to see, not all of them intact and some of them giving glimpses of hidden domains through their fragments. Here you have the plant life which is in part revealed, part hidden and the plain fabrics have the motif from my first series stitched into them as if the stone work has broken away. Finally I have threaded a network of squares in line form which create yet another very minor of screen and add a small amount of Indian “glitz .

Fabrics were woven together and then machine stitched to hold them in place. Hand embroidery/quilting was added using cotton threads and then a metallic thread net was created using beads.


Detail showing the ‘broken’ motif behind the thread net.



  1. A close-up view is essential to be able to see the over-lay of net, providing a double-layer of the ‘squares’ theme as well as texture and glisten. Lovely!

  2. studiociboulette

    I wish I could touch it…beautiful

  3. Very delicate and elegant piece. I like the metallic thread net on the surface.

  4. An effective approach to weave strips to create squares. The fine metallic thread net is well done.

  5. Good choice of fabrics and combination of colors. A really good idea to combinate the metallic thread to create another plan of squares. Well done.

  6. So nice to see that you returned to your Indian theme The “Indian glitz” netting just gives the piece an extra boost.

  7. Love this technique it creates value and contrast to your piece.

  8. Just beautiful Caro. The colours, the weaving, the quilting and the silver netting on top of it, makes it an interesting quilt to look at and gives it a fragile look.

  9. This looks very delicate and is a lovely interpretation of the squares theme.

  10. This piece was a great way to use some of the textiles collected and made during your trips to India. The idea of weaving them together works well and helps to connect them. The stitching and judicious use of beads reinforces the elegance of the piece. The monochromatic color scheme has worked well.

  11. A very elegant design and your idea of weaving is a wonderful way of depicting the square theme. I am a great lover of the colour blue, and all of these fabrics work beautifully together. Great work.

  12. Delicate and elegant piece. Nice touch with the metallic thread!

  13. Weaving, what a unique idea and great way to use your beautiful fabrics. Well done!

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