Eke Krug – S

S from Shibori

Inspiration: Upcycle, making something new from a piece that exists. In this series six art-quilts are made from one old damask tablecloth.

Upcycle is the name of my series of six, that I am going to make in this years challenge. The idea of my series is, that in the end, you hang all finished pieces, three beside of each other and three under those, so together they will create a new art-quilt. It took a lot of thinking to come to a proper idea, that I can handle….  First I had to come to a subject that covers the whole series, but each piece has to match with the letter that is given. When I found this old damask tablecloth in a thrift store, my idea of upcycling was born. And at that moment I decided, that each of the six letters we got, should be translated in a technique or material, used in art-quilts. I started by dyeing the whole cloth with iron and tea, in shibori folding technique. Then the corner that I needed for the letter S was dyed in red wine, again in a shibori technique, covering also a bit of the surrounding cloth, that will be the neighbours.

At this point I cut out the piece and fold it again in shibori technique, dipping it in a brown dye and a black ink. I took a piece of cheesecloth and manipulated it with the sewing machine and wrote the word Shibori on teabag paper. Put these three layers on top of each other followed the text with the sewing machine, using a mixed color sewing thread. To get more color, some pieces of red silk were mixed with the cheesecloth. And a piece of lightly transparent pink silk is added at the bottom. A lot of free motion quilting around the S shows the chaos from which an idea originates. Repeating the word shibori gives more meaning to the process. After finishing the machine sewing, hand stitching follows. Blanket stitch is repeatedly used, to give accent to the shibori background. Running stitches make it complete.

During the process of my series, this Shibori piece will change a bit, to make it compare with its neighbours. And in every following piece, there will be some little changes also.

Materials: Damask tablecloth – iron, tea and wine for dyeing – cheesecloth – silk – cotton sewing thread – linen, bamboo and cotton threads – 20/80 batting – cotton backside

Techniques: Dyeing – shibori – hand and machine stitching


Detail views:


  1. Nice to read the story first and than see the result. Knoeien mag you may make stains at this table cloth.

  2. Wow, what a great, complex idea! Can’t wait to see all the pieces :))

  3. A lot of studies, a lot of work, a lot of techniques to achieve a stunning result Chapeau! I look forward to seeing the next quilts and the final step.

  4. I love the way that you have worked this piece with such attention to detail, it is so intricate and delicate. Great piece.

  5. Sounds so complicated but worth doing because the result is just perfect.I look forward to your next piece!

  6. Simply this is magic, the dyeing techniques are so different from the usual commercial dyes, I have upcycled a very fine tablecloth and it is so satisfying to give these discarded items a new life. I am eager to see the 6 together.


    What a long process but the result is stunning ! you play with texture with such a professionalism ! Beautiful piece !

  8. Wow, this is really you Eke. Lots of different dyeing techniques and embroidery. The idea to use one tablecloth for the whole series is very creative. Awesome. I am looking forward to the next one.

  9. Wow, what a complicated process you went through to reach such a wonderful outcome. I like your idea of upcycling and making a series that will sit together to make a larger art piece. It’s a great idea and your first piece is a great start to the project. Beautiful

  10. Such a complicated and well thought out idea for your theme. You have used so many wonderful and interesting techniques. Amazing Eke!

  11. studiociboulette

    Beautiful quilt, concept, fabric, layers, stitching, subject. Magnifique!!!

  12. Fascinating concept and thank you for the detailed explanation. I love all the textures you have created with the quilting.

  13. What a lot of detailed planning and stages in making this quilt. I like your plan for your series and admire the patience needed in your techniques.

  14. You didn’t keep it easy for yourselves. Such a lot challenges in one series. This S is a great start. Again so many different techniques. Really you!

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