Caro Higgs – P

P for Pisa

Inspiration: My inspiration is obviously the leaning tower and continues my theme of places I have visited.

Continuing in snapshot form. I wanted to produced something that had layers. The leaning tower of Pisa is a real cliché but I took a photo from behind the tower which is not the usual view. I have not been precise with the black and white stonework which wasn’t overly obvious in the photo, it was the form that interested me the most. The outer part of the tower was cut separately and added after I had worked the main part of the building. The tower is inktense and neocolour and the main body is paint stick. The background is hand painted silk with the lettering of Pisa being done with sun-print so that it appears like clouds in the sky.

After all the details were done I used a photograph I took of a balcony railing  in Pisa to create the design for the quilting, the quilting was then stitched by machine with a very fine thread so as not to be too dominant. My morse code letter has also been incorporated into the design.


  1. The way you had “built” the tower with layer is very interesting. I also like your quilting design and the sun printing letters. Very harmonious piece.

  2. Maryte Collard

    You truly achieved your goal of layers not only in the direct way, but also layers of information and techniques.Congratulations!

  3. Love your idea of layers – works great in showing that there’s much more in Pisa than just a tower.

  4. joanbrailsford

    I love the way that you have used the layers to build up the design, and I especially like the quilting. I searched for the morse code letter, and eventually found it in the window – I really like that idea of hiding a code in the design. Wonderful

  5. Beautiful rendition of what you saw like the scroll work and how you have created the work Pisa.

  6. Beautiful as you have depicted this tourist attraction in a very special way. Your stitching is awesome like always and the quilting makes it even more special. Love the hidden morse code and the foreground with a little red of the roofs and the green trees gives it even more depth. Bravo!

  7. Your layering technique is very effective and portrays the tower really well. I love the idea of the word Pisa as clouds in the sky. Beautiful quilting too.

  8. I love the sun printed letters in the sky. The tower is so nice executed! The little orange and green details give your quilt something extra.

  9. English quilter

    This is a great interpretation of the leaning tower and the surrounding buildings. Your delicate treatment of the subject is very effective, and you have used the different types of “”paint” or colouring medium to great effect with a light hand which can be difficult to do. The sun printing worked well to incorporate text while creating clouds in the sky. An enjoyable travel escape in the time of COVID.

  10. Subtle and strong, a nice combination. I love the way you used your layers and coloring techniques,and the combination of fabrics, soft and solid. Great idea to use a balcony railing for the background, in this way your quilt is speaking to you. And the hidden morse codes and little clouds, just love it Caro.

  11. Like the others, I really like your layering process. Thi is a delightful composition, drawing the viewer in for a longer look. The quilting motif is perfect for this image.

  12. A well thought out composition. All the special techniques you used and details makes this a wonderfully charming piece.

  13. studiociboulette

    Beautiful quilt and the quilting pattern really captures the eye and enhances time and space. Gorgeous!

  14. quilterpaola

    A magnificent interpretation of the tower of Pisa. Not the usual tourist sight and this indicates the ability to look otherwise. Interesting and very successful technique with layers. The writing Pisa fits perfectly into the whole. Nice to find out where the Morse code is. Well done. Chapeau!

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