Paulette Meldrum – Roads – Our Road – everything we need

Our road is in the middle of the garden area of Waikanae, and trees are the predominant feature.  With the bus stop just outside our property, we have good access to our local village, the train service to Wellington, and all the stops in between.  We also have access to all the things we could possibly need in the future but I’m not too sure about the wrestling club.

Again I have used my own hand dyed fabric, enhanced with “tree trunks” created by  Bomaki Shibori, in the desired area, with fabric paint which was heat set when dry.  The piece was then enhanced with quilting, water soluble wax pastels and fine tip markers.

For the backing I used another New Zealand fabric.

Roads PFM




Roads PFM Back


  1. Paulette, an innovative interpretation of your landscape, the colours and beautiful and I do like your “signs”. Bravo

  2. Paulette Meldrum

    Thanks Kaylene. We just love living in the garden area, surrounded with beautiful flowers, trees and great birdlife.

  3. I love the subtle colours, this is such a peaceful piece. The signs are a very clever touch

  4. Very interesting and different approach to the subject, love the natural hues.

  5. I like your idea to suggest the road with “signs”.

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