Eke Krug – Circles – What is happening in my mind

Circles, so much possibility’s, one idea follows another, makes it difficult to choose. So what do circles mean to me? The first thing I think of is mandala, I made a lot of mandala’s, see a lot of mandala forms surrounding me, even gave mandala classes in the past. Where did they come from, these circles, telling their own stories, speaking in colors. A process, starting deep in myself, and finding its way out through my hands. That is, what this art-quilt is about, looking what is happening in my mind.

This is a process, built up in layers. It starts in the subconscious, waiting to emerge. White circles of different sizes popping out of a wavy dark mass, waiting to be filled. In the next layer, Zentagle forms appear, filled up with color, these are the concrete thoughts, having a form and a pattern, leading to something. Over that a layer, that symbolizes ideas, golden thoughts that will be worked out, some day…… And finally, the seeds, planted in your brain, from everything surrounding you and passing by. You don’t have to do anything  with it, but it’s a constant flow of information that comes in, waiting in the dark until you need it.


White cotton – freezer paper – water resistant pen – Derwent Inktense blocks and pencils, in combination with textile medium –  print pasta and acrylic paint with stencils – several kinds of embrodery threads – cotton batting


Stenciling – drawing – coloring – hand stitching

The making of the quilt is to be seen on my blog Kleurdesign

DSCN1769 (3)


Close up Views:




  1. Eke I really love your layer build up and the story that goes with it. I keep looking at it and find new details every time. The design is wonderful. Bravo!

  2. I have to agree with Els, the narration on how your design evolved is very thought provoking. I love the texture created with the different layers or should we say thought process. Bravo

  3. I’m intrigued by the layering in this piece; it’s like a bowl or tray full of glass balls, each holding a unique treasure. Lovely!

  4. This is amazing. I just wish I knew what a mandala was! Each layer is perfect on its own and builds up to make an extraordinary whole.

  5. This quilt is really special and so interesting by the techniques you used and your inspiration. I like the way you added the different layers, each one is full of details. And I like the story behind the quilt.

  6. carolinehiggs

    It is stunning, I love the way you arrived at this; the layering and stitching is wonderful, very effective.

  7. Love all the different layers and the fact that some look transparent. Lots of interesting techniques. What is print pasta?

  8. This piece is intriguing with all the layers as is your thought pattern behind the design. My first thought of the white circles was of brains. Each layer draws the eye in. I must go back and look at my books on mandelas for inspiration. A very special quilt.

  9. The piece looks as though it is 3dimensional. There are so many layers of meaning. I love the mixture of technique and your explanation of the layers and the meanings behind the piece

  10. Lovely all those layers and different techniques. Very nice how you explained your thoughts.

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