Ann Turley – A

The Tow Truck

Materials used – commercial cottons, crystal organza, charcoal and pastel pencils.

This is the second vehicle quilt I have made, the first being sometime last year. I’m drawn to the lines and texture in vintage cars and trucks, particularly if they are rusty and dented. While this tow truck is a Ford from the 1930’s, I created the hood ornament to suit my needs by encircling the letter “a”. This series I’m working on is all about the front grilles and I am working on several more, enough to present to a local gallery for a possible exhibition. (The folks in my town love classic cars.) 


Detail views:



Full series:


  1. Great choice of material, really makes the vehicle feel old. Have to admit that I had to hunt for the ‘A’ ! Great work.

  2. Bravo, a great interpretation. Love the rusty colour against the background. bravo

  3. Very clever idea to included the letter A on the hood ornament ! I like the choice of rusty colours.

  4. I like your A-Ford. The colors are well chosen.

  5. Wow, I so love this piece. The colours details and stitching are perfect for your subject and so cheerful. I hope that the exhibition works out and would love to see it. A very wonderful end to your series.

  6. Very nice interpretation of an old Ford. Love your choice of the rusty colour, that goes so wel with the brick background. I am sure the folks in your town will be thrilled with it. Well done.

  7. What an interesting choice of subject. The stitching is great and I particularly like the background detail.

  8. A great depiction of a lovely car. How clever to include the letter A in the ornament in the front.
    The colours are great and the stichting so effective. Well done!

  9. “A” for antique! Love the vintage truck and the rusty colors, we had one like that!
    Nicely done!

  10. Very interesting piece, good choice of fabrics, well done stitching. My favorite from your collection.

  11. Love the antique feel in this piece – the colours and the car design happily go together!

  12. An old car beautifully processed. You can just drive away with it … a nice end to your series.

  13. I really like your A-Ford. Excellent choice of colours to represent rust and wear on the car. The background matches perfectly and enhances the subject. Bravo!.

  14. studiociboulette

    Love the old truck, your choice of colors and the movement in your quilt. Beautiful series.

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