Ann Turley – Blooming

Start to Finish

Inspired by tilework seen in various locations in Morocco, I’ve created a multi-image small quilt. My style is more whimsical than realistic, thus the somewhat styilized large bloom. The smaller panels represent the life cycle of the plant and give my piece its name, “Start To Finish.”

  1. Congratulations on your first challenge. Good idea for your theme. It’s like to see a slow-motion video about the birth of a flower. It’s a pity that we can’t see a close up of your quilt.I like the combinations of colours. Well done.

  2. Love to see how does your flower grow!

  3. Wonderful idea to show the life of a flower. Your colors and shapes are truly Moroccan!

  4. Lovely colors and a good composition. I’m glad your are part of our group now.

  5. Nice and colourful composition. I like the idea to show how a flower grows.

  6. An interesting way to interpret the theme by giving us a little ‘history’ of the plant in the small tiles. I love your abstract bloom, and the colours you have chosen. Well done, and welcome to the group.

  7. A great first piece for the group. I like the way that there is a story within the quilt, great use of colour. Well done.

  8. Lovely colours, warm an cheerful. The life cycle panel is fun.

  9. A great first piece for the group. Congratulations! Cool abstract take on the theme. Very nice!

  10. What a nice way to show the birth and growing of your plant. Love your choice of fabrics to create the mosaic style. I’ve never been in Morocco, but your quilt tells what I am imagining by this country, the colours and joy, even the smell. Welcome to our group Ann!

  11. What a nice idea to show the life-cycle of your colorful flower. I was wondering if these are all small separate hexagons in your leaves Beautiful first piece, welcome to the group.

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