Sheryl Meech – Circle(s)

Circles was inspired by a documentary about life in the deepest part of the ocean.  Some of the creatures that live so deep were brilliantly coloured with amazing floating tentacles.

I created my circles from snippets of fabrics of similar colours  and fused them to a similar coloured circle. Free motion stitched over them to anchor them in place and them appliqued them to the background. The background fabric is a piece of hand dyed very dark Aubergine with hints of green not really visible in the photos.   I hand stitched different stitches around the coloured circles to give the feeling of tentacles.  The ethereal circles are painted vliesofix.  I straight line quilted to make the circles stand out.


Close up views:



  1. Sheryl a wonderful depiction of life under the sea in those mysterious depth. Colours are a delight.

  2. Sheryl your colours are really vibrating. I love the way how you created your cicrcles.

  3. My initial impression was of microbes…another type of creature hidden in mystery. Your embroidery is a wonderful way to depict the tentacles of those sea critters. Well done!


    The underwater world, the dark part of it and then these beautiful creators living right there, you make this visible in a very nice way. Love the hand embroidering!

  5. I like how you made your circles out of snippets of fabric : very good idea and the embroideries around the shapes are very effective too.

  6. carolinehiggs

    This is lovely, great colours and stitch work and then on closer inspection the construction of the fabric circles, great idea I love the idea of the under water world.

  7. Great colour contrast and lovely stitching. Interesting interpretation of the theme.

  8. I especially like the stitch around each of the circles. The colors and composition are also wonderful.

  9. Sheryl, we obviosly watched the same documentary! Thought the technique of using different coloured fabrics in similar tonings in each circle was a great way to create patterns. The hand stitching certainly brings movement and life to the coloured circles. Love it.

  10. English quilter

    After reading your explanation it does remind me of some of the weird creatures from the deepest ocean. The hand stitching around the circles really makes them look like some of those strange creatures. It sounds as though the photo does nto do the background fabric justice. Great use of colour combinations.

  11. Lovely how you created the circles. The embroidery gives it something extra. The vliesofix circles brings depth in your quilt.

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