Bella Kaplan – Country – Landscape

As I have already told, my last trip was to Egypt and I am still under the influence of the place. I chose to create the Nile as a local landscape

The Nile has been the lifeline of civilization in Egypt since the stone age , with most of the population and all of the cities of Egypt resting along those parts of the Nile valley lying north of Aswan.

The Nile is a lifeline to Egypt and an important source of water for the desert environment

It is abundant in ships as well as fishing boats and full of traffic. The surrounding landscape varies, sometimes very dry and sometimes full of vegetation. In the background, you can see mountains in some places.

My quilt is hand dyed, fused and machine quilted.


Detail view:

  1. I enjoyed looking at your technique, it gives your quilt motion. Well done.

  2. carolinehiggs

    What a lovely interpretation. I have to admit that I would never associate the landscape of the Nile with vegetation, thank you I have learnt something new! Great use of colour and textures.

  3. What strikes me in this piece is the light ! your technique for fusing fabric is very effective especially with the water, it seems that the boat is moving …

  4. studiociboulette

    I love all the piecing to create the water, it gives it a lot of movement. Beautiful colors. Bravo.

  5. Maryte Collard

    Your creation of water amazes me. The fabrics and quilting create so much movement, looks like your boat is really floating. Most beautiful piece!

  6. Your interpretation of the water is really effective and a lot of movement has been created.
    You have created a very nice background, lovely colours too!

  7. Beautiful use of colours. The water is amazing, Lots of movement in this piece and I love how you have used the piece of rope to fasten the sails and have it continued onto the boat.

  8. The water here has a true sense of motion through the use of fabric and color placement. Egypt certainly is a fascinating country!

  9. joanbrailsford

    Lovely depiction of the water, and the colours you have chosen for the whole design are just right. I love the detail in your boat. The stitching is beautifully done and brings the whole design together. Well done

  10. Lovely colours and a very detailed boat. I like how you have shown the narrow band of vegetation that only exists so close to the all important Nile.

  11. The colors you’ve chosen convey perfectly the varied landscape that surround the Nile and the water shows movement with reflections of the sky. Lovely composition.

  12. Lovely colors and a great composition. Especially the water and the rope are well done.

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