Susan Hill – Circles

For this challenge, I decided just to play, so I made circles in different colors and sizes, in  fabrics I had recently used and so were at the top of the pile. The exception to this was the background fabric; I have almost no solids or read-like-solids, and was happy to have occasion to buy one. The fabric I chose was a delight to work with, easy in every way. The unifying element among the circle fabrics was gold, so I sewed the circles to the background (and to the batting) with gold thread. Keeping in mind the stipulation that there must be three layers, and that they must be held together with stitch, I backed the piece with unbleached muslin, and quilted a lattice as background to the circle design.  I had a lovely time!


Close up View:

Circles, detailSH

  1. The gold thread was a good choice to add cohesion to your piece. Well done

  2. Balloons escaping into the sky — that’s my first impression of this piece. Glad you had so much fun with it!

  3. Susan this is really a “happy” piece. I love your choice of gold fabric combined with the gold thread.


    Circles, dancing around with each other, like they are celebrating a golden day, you can see that you had a lot of fun with this piece, and the golden thread binds it all.

  5. It is a very nice composition and it shows the joy you had to make it !

  6. carolinehiggs

    Love you choice of fabrics and difference in circle size.

  7. English quilter

    It looks as though the fabrics at the top of the pile played nicely together. The gold and light colors, contrasting with a few darks, gives the piece an exuberance. it feels like a very “happy” piece.

  8. Bubbles of happiness was my first reaction. The gold fabrics and gold thread work really well

  9. Lovely how you created this quilt with only fabrics with gold and then quilted it with gold thread.

  10. Susan this piece has movement and wonderful fabrics, it reminds me of confetti. Great choice of fabrics and thread. The top fabrics appear to be floating.

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