Kaylene Maalste – Country – Architecture

Inspiration – My inspiration was the National Australia Museum. I have a link to it’s history as it would be too long to post here. When the Museum was designed the exterior of the building was covered in anodised aluminium panels. Many of the panels include words written in braille and other decorative devices. Among the messages are “mate” and “she’ll be right”. So I have taken a Googled photograph of this side of the complex, I apologise for the quality as it is a stock photo,


Technique – I used applique pieces for the building. Small beads spell out the words “Love is Blind, Mate, Sorry, Forgive, and Welcome”. Tulle and netting was used for shadows and fly stitch was used to depict footsteps. I also included people to add some interest to the design of the quilt. The entire quilt was hand quilted using embroidery thread.

Image of Museum

  1. What an impressive architecture; I looked at a couple of sites about the museum, fascinating the structure and the place. You have represented the building well with its sinuous shapes and the details, such as the Braille writing. By adding people and footprints, you have added life to your work. Bravo!

  2. You have brought this building to life with the people and footsteps, the addition of the braille shows real attention to detail. Great use of fabrics and colours, well done!

  3. Very interesting piece of architecture, beautifully depicted with your fabric interpretation!

  4. studiociboulette

    Yes, the architecture of that museum is stunning. Beautiful attention to details and embroidery. Bravo

  5. An interesting story about the building and the use of Braille. Very unusual. Love the colors

  6. What an incredible building ! and your interpretation is stunning ! I especially like the addition of people and footprints ! Bravo !

  7. joanbrailsford

    A very effective representation of this interesting building. You have added some very thoughtful and apt details in the footprints and beaded Braille words. Well done

  8. This is very colourful and modern – perfect to represent Australia. The addition of the people gives a good idea of the scale of the building and the beaded Braille words are a lovely detail.

  9. A stunning building and a stunning piece. Great use of color! The addition of people and the footsteps add lots of interest. The braille words are a beautiful detail. Well done!

  10. I had to learn braille when I had a blind student in my class. So nice to see that is is used on the walls of this museum and that you incorporated it in your stunning piece. Love the design and how you added the people silhouettes . Bravo.

  11. What a fascinating museum, a work in progress, wow what a concept. Love your interpretation on its arquitecture, design and all the beautiful hand quilting. Well done!

  12. Such a nice building! Great how you added the people and the footprints.

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