Sonia Ruiz – Blooming

Agave Blooming

For the blooming theme I decided to continue with the subject of the Blue Agave, but with a modern twist.  I’ve had this watercolor looking fabric I’ve been wanting to use for years, it is from my mom’s stash.  I designed my Agave on fusible web, cut it out and fused it onto the background fabric.  I appliquéd the agave and added black floss to accentuate the leaves.  The stalk is the same fabric I used in our Complementary theme, just rolled up to create dimension.  The 3D blooms, my pop of color, are 1” x 1/4” tiny strips and the top buds are beads from a old earring. For quilting, I decided to quilt lines in the agave leaves with black thread to accentuate them and continued with echo quilting.

Close up view:
  1. Beautiful work with a strong visual and chromatic impact.Bravo.

  2. Love the juxtapose of strong and powerful leaves and delicate flower.

  3. Love the colors and am surprised how well the fabrics with prints work for your idea.

  4. You created a very colourful piece. I love how you always use “old stuf” like the earring.

  5. Your use of contrast is nicely done.The print fabric for the agave leaves was a perfect choice as were the little beads. I would love to see this in person.

  6. Your choice of fabrics and the stylized shapes of the plant give a powerful dimension to your piece ! I like the echo quilting too.

  7. A lovely vibrant piece and really well worked details in your flower. I love the way that you incorporate found objects (such as the earring beads) into your work. The flower really has a 3D effect and the background colours are perfect. Well done

  8. Great use of fabric and stitching. Love the detail of the flower.

  9. Very striking design. I like the 3D elements especially the dpflower head.

  10. Lovely piece, Sonia! Cool texture and layering. Vibrant and strong. Very nice!

  11. Great use of colour and stitching. When you look at it, you can feel the thick, fleshy leaves of the agave. Your flower is beautiful and your choice of materials fits very well together.

  12. Beautiful piece Sonia. I love how the leaves stand out from the background, especcialy by using the floss to outline them. The 3D effect for the flower is very effective too. Well done!

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