Margaret Horton – Gathering Pace

 Gathering Pace

For my second quilt for our 15 x 15 group, I have employed a new technique for me, which is discharging colour using bleach on a paintbrush.  I have based my design on a whirlpool which gathers pace as it gains strength.  Unfortunately, the bleach did not take out the black colour as much as I would have liked, first and second attempts were even worse, but I was pleased with the rhythm that the brush mark gave.  To dramatise the effect of the whirlpool even further, I have applied painted bondaweb with copper foil and further embellished with black bugle beads.  I think the viewer would find it difficult to associate this piece with the theme of  ‘gathering’ without first reading my title.



  1. Love your quilt. As a physics person it has a lot of significance to me.

  2. Margaret Horton

    Thanks for your kind words Chris. When I was doing this piece, I thought it might appeal to you, having read your profile. I must say that the significance of the piece to me is that I feel like I’m in a whirlpool most of the time!!

    Thanks again,

  3. Great quilt Margaret, I can feel that whirlpool pulling me in.

  4. Great work, and what a concept…whirlpool colours work well Well done

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