Genevieve Guadalupe – Horizon

Horizon       Poem by Kairul Ahsan

He and she are like

The distant horizon.

It appears as though,

The stooping blue sky

Meets and embraces

The stretching blue sea.


Their colors match,

As they seem to meet silently

Like passionate lovers.

Trying to discover together,

The meaning of life.


As one goes nearer,

The sky begins to move afar!

Love is at its best, when

The beloved is seen from a distance.


Materials and technique:

Cotton fabrics,hand dyed fabrics, poly cotton threads, poly batting, india ink. Machine sewn, machine quilted, hand painted.




genevieve guadalupe horizon 15x15'' 2019

Horizon detail

genevieve guadalupe horizon detail 15x15'' 2019


  1. quilterpaola

    Good choice of colours and fabrics to obtain an impressive result. I love it.

  2. There is such a quiet atmosphere in your quilt. The poem is a very good source of inspiration.

  3. carolinehiggs

    I really like this interpretation, the poem and the mysticism of the image, very effective.

  4. Love the poem and your creative take on the theme.

  5. I like how the sea and sky merge and how the whole piece illustrates the poem.

  6. You have very nicely intrepreted the poem as a quilt. I like your use of perspective and color.

  7. A great composition. Good you used complementary colors for your quilt.

  8. I love how you have used the frayed fabric. Beautiful poem and interpretation.

  9. I can see the sea and sky meeting lovingly in the horizon with the reflection of the setting sun. Beautiful interpretation of the poem, theme and quilt design.

  10. English quilter

    This piece is a very effective use of fabrics. You have created depth and movement with the different shades of blue. The inking over the fabric creates interest. The quilt mirrors the mystical nature of the poem.

  11. Poem and quilt, matching together, like nature and lovers, the sea and the sky and the sun to complete it. I love the way you worked it out!

  12. joanbrailsford

    Lovely and original interpretation of the theme. I like your calm colours and the imagery that they create. Well done

  13. I love that you imagined a work based on a poem. Novel and interesting. Very nice work!

  14. Maryte Collard

    It looks simple but mysterious at the same time and it has spirit!

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