Chantal Guillermet – Reflections – Through the Looking Glass

My starting point was a workshop I used to give on kaleidoscope. I had completely forgotten about it,  but I discovered the file when I started clearing my studio for the move …

The fact that I was using mirrors and playing with them to get several representations  of an image sounded interesting  for the theme « reflections ». I selected a picture taken in India : a pottery in a garden (yes another one …) I placed  two mirrors on it and played with the different angles until I was satisfied with the result.

I took a picture of the result :  I had got three reflections of my initial picture. The reflected images looked distorted. I wanted to get a blurred effect in the background and a clear view in the foreground  to make a difference between the reflected part and the real image. I layered a piece of tulle printed with floral motifs on the background to get blurred effect and quilted on the design.

The fragmented picture was traced on a piece of quilting paper and transfered on the fabric with free motion quilting. The potteries were painted with ochres playing with several colours. To suggest the mirrors I used a piece of grey shiny organza appliquéed on the reflected parts.

The floral motifs were reproduced with freemotion quilting on the foreground and painted with metallic paint to increase the contrast with the background.

The quilt is faced.

Material : hand-dyed fabric, tulle, organza, ochres, metallic paint (Jaquart Lumière), rayon thread.

Close up View:


  1. I love the way you have tackled the subject, it has worked very well and the colours are perfect.

  2. An interesting approach and as usual it is well carried out and stitched. I particularly like how the organza gives the ‘reflections’ in the glass, and the subtle use of foliage in the layers.

  3. Kaleidoscope, reflection all the way. Interesting use of mirrors and a good choice of materials to reach the right effects. And you pottery is always great to look at.

  4. Looking at the images I always recognize your work immediately. It is not only the pottery, but your use of colors and detailed design. I love your way of interpreting the theme. Congratulations on another beautiful pottery quilt.

  5. An interesting interpretation and technique. I like very much your delicate colors and the fineness of the embroidery.

  6. I love the subtlety of the piece. I appreciate your detailed description of how you came up with the design, and morphed one technique into a new one. The photos of the details show off your beautiful quilting.

  7. Very delicate and fine. Lovely Quilt work. The pottery gave you away!

  8. Chantal, subtle and bold and well thought out. Bravo.

  9. Your unusual technique has yielded an interesting quilt. I like the detail in the foreground.

  10. I love all the detail and layers in your quilt, the organza works very well for the reflection. Well thought out and well done.

  11. As always a great use of materials. Great how you used the organza to create the mirrors.

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