Kaylene Maalste


The title of my quilt is “Trees on Fire”. I had dyed this fabric several years ago and it has sat in my hand-dyed fabric bin ever since, but “ugly” fabric does have some use when the time is right. Our theme of lines suggested to me that there could be a forest on fire with this fabric. So I appliquéd the Trees in place and then free motion quilted the quilt, I decided to face the quilt rather than have a binding. So it proves that some fabrics just have to wait. Fabrics dyed with Procion MX dyes.

  1. Kaylene, your quilt is wonderful. I love the fabric that you used for the burning trees.

  2. Kaylene, your trees just glow I can almost feel the heat. Great interpretation of the theme.

  3. Kaylene, your trees just glow, I can almost feel the heat. Great interpretation of the theme.

  4. Kaylene, there is so much atmosphere in that fabric, the heat in those trees is intense!

  5. Hi Kaylene

    I just loved the way you have let the dyed fabric have centre stage, and the simplicity of the design lets the fabric speak for itself.


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