Paulette Meldrum – Rhythm Of the Waves

This quilt was the result of a “find” in my stash of fabric, when searching for the right fabrics to make design number one, which was fully drawn and ready to go. The background fabric of this quilt just said “Rhythm”, and the wave patterns I see when visiting our local beach completed the title.  Design number 1 is still in my sketch book,  and perhaps I will make it one day.

The fabric was batted and backed, and then quilted both in black and the coloured lines which gradually change colour across the background.   I experimented with a twin needle on a sample, but decided to change to a double eye needle so that I could use two threads together to increase the thickness of the single line.  I was using a 40 rayon thread, and by adding a similar colour thread underneath, I achieved the effect I was after.

The wording was somewhat challenging.  I initially photocopied a piece of the fabric, and then with water soluble paper traced the curves before adding the lettering.  The paper was then cut so that I could see the curves on the fabric and it was held in place with pins when I machine outlined the wording in a yellow thread.  The paper was then dissolved in cold water, but it was a challenge to remove all the paper under the stitch line.  However, this was disguised when Setacolour coral paint was applied to the lettering. 

After auditioning a number of fabrics for the binding I decided that the quilt would look better without binding, and instead finished the quilt with a complete facing on the back.


  1. Chantal Guillermet

    very good study of movement, I like how you wrote the text following the waves …

  2. Reminds me of the sand in shallow pools I’ve seen in Eastern Canadian lakes. This piece is textural as well as rhythmic!

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