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Inspiration : The first time I visited Moscow I was impressed by the number of churches and domes as well as by the variety of their shapes. For some times I have been curious about paper lamination and decided to use it to reproduce one of my picture.

When I started to be interested by textile art in Russia, I noticed it is closely linked to tradition, folk art and everyday life. In reference to this I have used hand dyed linen, old sheet and lace and embellished my piece with traditional cross stitch embroidery motifs.

I have chosen paper lamination to reproduce my picture. Paper lamination is a technique used to reproduce a picture – colour or black and white – with gel medium on organza. I have widened my picture by adding more domes, quilted them and painted them with shimmering paint. I also added quilting on the organza print. At the bottom of the quilt a piece of folded dyed tarlatane gives a bit of mystery, as if the church was emerging out of the fog.


Detail views:




  1. All these fine details work together well in the muted colour palette to produce a very ethereal result. Lovely work.

  2. Chantal, love the design and colours, transferring the photograph must have been a challenging technique.

  3. I like your view of Moscow. A perfect and harmonious composition. I especially love the cross-stitched linen fabric. Congratulations, a lovely quilt. Chapeau!

  4. Another beautiful piece in your Travel series. Love how you added the traditional cross stitching. What a nice idea to extend the domes outside the organza print. Well done.

  5. Love your somewhat muted colours in this beautiful piece. I wonder how you transferred the picture on to two different fabrics (must come and learn). A lovely composition.

  6. What a lovely addition to your travel series! Loved how all the elements come together, especially the organza print and the texture and etherealness of the tarlatane. Well done!

  7. Very interesting capture of the spirit of Moscow, love the colours and the melancholic mood, great job!

  8. I love your composition and the way you have extended the domes beyond the photographic print. The colour palette is so restful and the cross-stitch is a brilliant addition. Well done

  9. Your color palette is very soothing and pleasant to view. The cross-stitched details add a bit of visual texture. If and when we all are allowed to travel again, Moscow is definitely on my list.

  10. studiociboulette

    Very nice work and colors. I love the very subtle details in cross stich. Beautiful!

  11. Chantal, what a lovely quilt. Your design is so well chosen and the color palette is stunning. I always love old linen and it works very well in this quilt, especially with the cross stitching. My compliments!

  12. Chantal, you always surprise me by you knowledge and ability to use so many different techniques. I haven’t been to Moscow, but your quilt sure is filled with Russian spirit. I can even hear bells ringing in those domes…

  13. What a gentle piece of work. The colours are restful and you have used interesting techniques to achieve your design.

  14. Such lovely colors! So nice how you added some domes outside the organza print. The cross stitch motives gives your piece the traditional touch.

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