Kaylene Maalste – Photoshoot

Sunset at the Beach

Inspiration:  The inspiration for my quilt came from the many times I visit Middleton Beach South Australia to photograph the beach at various times of the day and season.

Middleton Beach is a renowned surf beach and has an interesting coastal formation of rock outcrops and beach. During Summer the sunrise and sunset are spectacular events with photographers.

I chose batik fabrics for my quilt as the variation in the dyeing gave me the patterning I required for sky, sea, and foreshore. I used a gentle curving design and pieced these sections together with a small zigzag stitch. The design of the photographers was from Canstock Photo and I was able to find three clipart “photographers”. I chose a radiating quilting design in keeping with the optics of camera lenses.

Detail views:


  1. What a great photoshooting scene! Beautiful scenery explains it perfectly.

  2. Looking at your pictures of Midleton Beach, I was waiting for your piece Kaylene ! and I am not disappointed ! your choice of colours is perfect and I love your silhouettes !

  3. I can imagine you being a person behind one of those silhouettes. I love you photos and love your quilt. Your design is simple but very effective, shapes and colors are perfect for the scene.

  4. Kaylene what a comeback! The colours are stunning and the subject is perfect, great idea to quilt in relation to the optic of a lens. Well done.

  5. joanbrailsford

    Your choice of design really reflects your love of photography and the pictures you have taken at the beach. Your choice of colours and fabrics is perfect and the silhouettes fir so well. I particularly like the way you have quilted this to fir in with the technicalities of a camera. Great work.

  6. These people are clearly fascinated by their subject. The silhouettes contrast beautifully with the glorious sunset colours – or is it sunrise?

  7. Following your photos on Facebook, this is a natural extension of your love for photographing and the beach. Beautiful colors and silhouettes, showing the love in photoshooting.

  8. Kayline what an awesome piece this is. I love your sunset colours combined with the silhouettes. It really shows your love of photography and the quilting is just perfect .

  9. studiociboulette

    Your scenery and fabrics are gorgeous. I love the way you quilted it. Fantastic work.

  10. Love the subject and your portaya lof it. Sunsets and beaches, how can you go wrong!

  11. Lovely color pallet. The shapes and colors are perfect for the scene.Very effective photoshoot.

  12. The photoshoot challenge seemed made for your return. Your passion for photography, which we can admire on fb, has been translated into a splendid work. Stunning colours and perfect presence of silhouettes. The radiating quilting complete perfectly the scene. Well done.

  13. What a great quilt!!! This is really yours. So glad you are back in the group. It seems this it the perfect theme for your come-back. Spectacular colors and a great idea to use only silhouettes.

  14. Perfect subject for you Kaylene! Your color palette and techniques work wonderfully in your design. Love that your binding blends in with the land, water and sky. Love it!

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