Paola Zanda- Reflections:Where are we going?

Alpha and omega are the beginning and the end of life and the tree of life accompanies us on our journey.

I had a lot of ideas about this subject. But I wanted to achieve something different, and the reflection is also what concerns the mind. Your thoughts, your anguishes your curiosity and your fears. For some time I have a thought: where will we go when we close our eyes? The image of the portal of the Church of Washington made me start my reflection.

I have manipulated a basic cotton fabric with vliesofix and acrylic paint. I printed the images on canvas. After making the composition I assembled everything and embroidered with the freehand machine.

cotton, vliesofix, synthetic organza, tulle, acrylic painting, images printed on canvas, variegated embroidery thread.









Where are We going?

Where are We going?



  1. Paola, you have created something different, this has worker really well. I love the fine stitch work between the figures and the way that you have positioned them. Great piece!

  2. A very interesting and thoughtful way to approach this topic. The elements of the design work really well and the stitching compliments the design. Well done

  3. Your quilt looks like an antique goblin, you have to look very close to understand what you did. What a great way to translate reflections, and I love the stitching between the figures, my compliments on this work!

  4. Very unique and different than all the other pieces. Very cool and imaginative composition. I really like it.

  5. Chantal Guillermet

    What a beautiful piece Paola and so imaginative ! the way you have treated the theme is unique and I love your stiching between the figures. Bravo !

  6. Love the way how you have interpreted the theme. Beautiful composition and very nice stitching between the figures. Stunning piece,

  7. This is an amazing piece, so well thought out and designed and of course sewn and stitched.

  8. An interesting interpretation. I like the stitching that you have used to embellish your piece.

  9. A different interpretation of the theme. Well done. The coloured embroidery is the finishing touch.

  10. You have created a portal to the mind with the figures reflecting everything we think of when we close our eyes. Very different, creative and well done.

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