Bozena Wojtaszek – Country – Architecture

French architecture as a theme could be really challenging – just like the landscapes, too much to choose from. But fortunately I found my old folder of pictures from Provence full of architectural details. So I went for this quiet Provencal alley with all the different stone works, doors and gate so inviting for a walk.

It is done entirely by machine, in limited neutral palette and intense quilting making all the different textures.

Detail views:


  1. I was immediately transported to the narrow winding streets where one never knows what lies around the next corner. Your use of different fabrics and textures is vey effective. Lovely!

  2. Paolo and I are fans and lovers of Provence country. It was our first holiday’s travel, and we never forgot this wonderful region and its fascinating villages. You have perfectly been able to represent the atmosphere of those little streets. The details of the stones, gates, railings and climbing plants are well realized. It all reminds me of good moments. I love it. Chapeau.

  3. studiociboulette

    Yes, the south of France is so quaint and the houses so beautiful. Great choice of colors and very effective quilting. Bravo

  4. I like the medieval atmosphere that emerges from your quilt, we can guess the narrow streets that go under the vaults ! really lovely !

  5. You have captured the quiet and inviting feel of this Provencal alleyway. Your choice of fabrics help create a soothing, neutral color palette perfect for the different stone facades, doors and gate. Well done!

  6. I used to travel a lot in France. I adore the landscape and architecture there. You work give me a feeling that I was on a trip to France. good color and perfect work.

  7. joanbrailsford

    The subtle palette really gives this piece a peacfeul and quiet feel, of an older alleyway. trhe stitching adds the details that make the scene come to life and give depth and perspective to the piece. Beautiful

  8. A lovely, gentle picture of the old alleyways. Your fabrics and stitching provide so much depth and detail.

  9. Your lovely quilt evokes the old villages in the south of France. Great atmospheric work with excellent choice of colours and fabrics. The quilting is very effective. Well done.

  10. This really represents an old French town with the narrow streets. I love the choice of fabrics and colours.

  11. This lovely quilt reminds of the week my husband and I spent wandering the narrow streets of many small French villages. You never knew what would await you around the next corner. The colors and stitched lines are inviting and well-chosen.

  12. I love your monochrome use of color. It perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the narrow streets in the villages of the Provence. The texture of the intensive quilting is very effective. Bravo.

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