Els Mommers – Series #2 – Door #3


This third door is a door with peeling paint and a top of wrought iron.

The background wall is a thick white cotton coated with a thin layer of gesso.
I then painted a wet piece of fusible web (wonder under) with Golden fluid acrylics and after drying ironed it on the cotton. On top of this I painted bricks that emerged after the crumbling of the stucco. Also the mildew stains on the wall were painted with the fluid acrylics.

For the door a commercial fabric with wood grain pattern is used. This fabric is rubbed with gel medium and a green photocopy put on top, also rubbed with this medium. After drying it is soaked in water and part of the paper removed to get the peeling paint effect.
On top of the door I made a wrought iron pattern in free motion stitching.

The pavement is made from batik fabric and a little colored with iridescent green and cream paint stick.
Leaves in different greens with fusible web and thread sketching.
The silhouette is inspired by an old letraset example, appliqued and rubbed with some gold paintstick.

The wall is free motion quilted and the panels in the door are quilted with straight lines.

The wall is protected with some acrylic wax.

Close up View


Quilts in Series


Quilt 1                               Quilt 2

  1. carolinehiggs

    Lovely Els, you always seem to manage to have just the right technique up your sleeve! Great attention to detail.

  2. I agree with Caro, for continuity I like the addition of the shadow figures, your mastering of the different techniques is always a delight, I cannot wait for the next door. Bravo

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Another beautiful piece Els ! I love how you always find new ideas and use different techniques. It always works !
    I look forward to seeing the next one …

  4. wow, what a lot of techniques you have used to such a great effect. Just a stunning piece the brick work is just fabulous.

  5. Oh Els…this one is even more wonderful than the last! You have thought of such interesting ways to create exactly the look you want, and I am in awe of your skills at surface design!

  6. joanbrailsford

    Els this is a wonderful piece. You have really used techniques that perfectly provide the textures of peeling paint, plaster and brick. I think that it is beautifully worked and is another triumph in your series.

  7. I agree with all of the previous comments. The range of techniques that you use is amazing and the result is lovely.

  8. What else can I say! All is told in above comments. Such a great piece!!! Go on, girl!

  9. Love all the creativity and texture you put into this piece with all the surface techniques. This is awesome.

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