Greetje Hein – Reflections – Distorting Mirrors

With this quilt I want to show that people often have a self-image that is not real. Slightly thicker legs are much thicker when you see yourself in the mirror. Whether one finds herself too long, too thin, too short, etc. often does anyone see the negative things of herself magnified. It’s like looking in a distorting mirror.

On a hand painted fabric I have mirrors made of silver fabric. These are with embroidery stitches of the sewing machine stitched on the surface with silver yarn. Each mirror got a different frame.

The human figure is one time on original format on the quilt. Then I created several figures: shorter, longer, thicker, thinner, etc.  and ironed it with vliesofix on each mirror.

The background is free motion quilted with variegated yarn.


Close up View:


  1. How original, what a great way to treat the subject, great work.

  2. I love the way you have interpreted this and the thought behind it. You are right of course, we often see the worst in ourselves as if seen in a distorting mirror. The fabrics you used are very effective and I like the words you have added. Well done.

  3. People and self-reflection, a real Freudian approach of the theme. A lovely quilt with nice materials and design!

  4. Greetje I love the original way you have interpreted the theme. The colour and quilting of the background is a beautiful contrast to the shiny material of the mirrors. Great work! The handwriting of the words is a very nice finishing touch.

  5. The idea and the realization of your work are very interesting. Beautiful contrast between the mirrors and the basic fabric. I like your quilting.

  6. This is a unique interpretation of the theme—and one which holds so true for many women. Your use of the silver backgrounds for the figures is very effective and the decorative machine stitches worked well. Well done.

  7. Unique and imaginative. Very cool rendition. Quite original.

  8. Chantal Guillermet

    Always your very good sense of humour Greetje ! I like the contrast berween the background and the shiny fabric of the mirrors.

  9. What an interpretation of the theme, so true on how we feel. The silver works really well as the mirrors.

  10. Greetje, what a fun piece, just love it.

  11. So true – we all want to be different. An unusual interpretation of the theme.

  12. The distorted views on how we see ourselves is so true, well done Greetje.

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