Caro Higgs – Entrance – Entrance of the Monarch

I wanted to keep within the woodland so I found a photograph on the web (thank you Warren Photographic!) which I used for the basis of this work. The background is snow dyed cotton which was machine quillted before I added the subject. I wanted to add a 3D element so played around with tyvek and bulky cotton piping cord which I had dyed. The objective was to try and make the stick rough and as realistic as possible so some areas were heated and others had added threads. The butterfly itself had to be shiny to give the impression that it had just emerged so I have used silk and sateen lining with a minimum of stitching to avoid breaking the clean lines. A little neocolour to add the sheen to the abdomen to set it off. The chrysalis is simply cling film wrapped around plastic and painted with a mix of moiré paint and acrylic medium. The aim was to create something recognisable as simply as possible. Entrance was not a subject that I found easy and although I was tempted towards grand constructed entrances I was determined to stay with my umbrella subject. Once I had the idea in my head it came together really easily, I love the idea of the entrance in to the world of new and fresh life.

Entrance of the Monarch


Close up View:



monarch detail.

  1. Your innovative techniques to render this subject really caught my attention — especially the twig/branch. I’ve not tried 3-D work at all…but that twig looks very realistic! And…I commend you for using slippery fabrics to make such tiny bits on the butterfly’s wings. Wow!

  2. These techniques that you have used are a tribute to your innovative skills, who would of thought of using cling wrap and the stick is wonderful, a great interpretation of the theme. Bravo

  3. Very good interpretation, and I like the 3D branch ! You stick to your theme Bravo !

  4. joanbrailsford

    A great interpretation of the subject, and the way you have handled all of the materials in this piece is brilliant, especially the detail in the twig. Well done

  5. The stick is very real. Looks like you took it from the woods. I like the shiny butterfly.

  6. I love your stick, It is so realistic. The butterfly is beautiful as well. I would have never thought of using cling wrap. Great!

  7. Caro, this piece is just so fresh and eye catching. What a perfect subject for entrance. I must try your technique for the stick. Another use for cling wrap!! Just lovely.

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