Joan Brailsford – Artist style #4

Poppies at Trentham

This time my inspiration cam from the formal Trentham estate, but from a corner which has been mainly overlooked.  We often walk around the lake at the cnetre of the estate which is famous for its ornamental gradens. However. my love there is the woodland areas and this year much of the walk has been seeded with wildflowers that put on a glorious display in the early summer, especially patches of poppies that add so much colour.

I used a mix of hand-dyed and commercial fabrics to create the strips of ‘grass’ but found them slightly jarring, so overlaid these with some transfer printed sheer fabric, so that the distinctive Hundertwasser stripes remained but in a more muted form. I added straight stitches to give depth to the grass. The trees, the path and the poppies were added as raw-edge applique, and I used chain stitch to give more detail. Once the batting and backing were added I hand stitched the small flowers in the grass to act as the quilting stitches, and waves of stitches in the commercial fabric that I used for the sky.

I tried to continue the Hundertwasser technique and ethos, even though the results may be slightly more restrained than perhaps would be seen in his work. I think my pictures do not capture the vibrant colour of the poppies, but I carry the picture in my head and hope that this piece conveys that.

Detail views:

Original pictures:




  1. I really like this piece. You have really captured Hundertwasser’s style while using your own memories. Your use of fabric and small stitches make it into a stunning piece of work. Well done.

  2. Again you managed to make a true Hundertwasser style piece. Love how all the red poppies pop up in the green background. I am in awe of your meticulous hand stitching. Wonderful!

  3. What a whimsical and playful interpretation and composition with the perfect blending of styles. Love your use of color, especially the red poppies and your incredible stitching. Lovely!

  4. Chantal Guillermet

    The embroidery completes the simple shapes of the poppies and give them texture. Your style and Hundertwasser’s mixed together ! Lovely piece.

  5. Great interpretation, I have to agree with Chantal your style mixed with Hundertwasser’s is very distinctive. Well done.

  6. Very recognizable as a Hundertwasser inspired piece. Great colors and most beautiful handstitching.

  7. When I look at your work I feel like I’m walking in a field full of flowers, the sun is shining and spring is outside. The combination of red and green is excellent.

  8. Using strips as the background is well done. I love the poppies and the trees. Your hand stitching is gorgeous.

  9. Beautiful! So much here to like – the strip pieced background, the bright colours, the details in the hand stitching…. Your trees and flowers are very much in Hundertwasser’s “lollypop” style.

  10. Maryte Collard

    Looking at your piece I really want to take that path, to see and smell the flowers. Even the scene is serene, I feel a lot of dynamic as my eyes jump from one flower to another. Really well done and, as always, beautiful hand stitching.

  11. I love your take on Hundertwasser’s art, the movement and sense of space is very appealing.

  12. studiociboulette

    I love your Hundertwasser quilts Joan. It is absolutely fabulous. Beautiful details in the stitching and fantastic colours. Bravo!

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