Els Mommers – Series #5 -IndiaDoor

Long ago I had decided that I wanted my last door to be a door in India.
Things went different than expected and I was not able to use my sketch and material that I had left on Saba.
On FOQ in Birmingham I saw a sample of a “doorway stitch project” by Wendy Dolan that was for sale as a pattern. I bought it and tried this new technique.
It was a nice way to make my India door.

As I didn’t have much material available I had to work with what was at hand. An old bed sheet and some tissue paper from a shoebox was made into fabric paper and painted with some purple spray paint and gold acrylic paint.

A new piece of fabric was made out of all kind of different white strips in varying widths and lengths and painted in the same purple as the background, mixed with some brown acrylic paint. The pattern of the door was embroidered on this fabric.
It was then sewed onto the fabric paper and two columns made out of gold painted tyvek were placed next to the door. These columns were outlined with silk strings and attached by hand.

Steps were made of purple hand dyed fabric what I got from a friend. The silhouette is very dark purple with some acrylic gold on it.

On one side the flowers are embroidered and very small beads added. The other side has small petals of fabric attached by machine and some embroidery for the leaves.


Detail 1

detail 1 door


Detail 2

detail 2





Quilts in Series




  1. A great end to your series, I love the way that there is a shadowy character in each. I am really impressed that you have managed to produce such a lovely piece with so much detail and without your studio!
    A truly great series Els.

  2. I love your last door Els ! and I am also really impressed by the fact the you had to work without being in your studio !
    The result is stunning, bravo !

  3. Beautiful work Els, and what a great series of doors you have made !

  4. You are a great artist creating such a piece in such a short time with your own materials at home. Again a lot of details! What a stunning series of doors you created. Bravo!
    It was a good we went to FOQ together!

  5. The last door, made in difficult circumstances, with little materials and in a few days, and what a door. So many details you put in your work, every time I have to look a little closer to what you’ve done. It is a beautiful series, telling door stories, detailed and pretty. Series that you enjoy looking at, my compliments Els.

  6. Bravo, you have a delightful series and to be able to do the final one with limited supplies is a tribute to you talent. Bravo

  7. Great series of works. So inspiring! I really like your work!

  8. Els, your have a wonderful choice of theme! Every quilt in the series is full of details and possibilities. I like the colors you used very much. I believe there will be more quilts coming in your series of doors. They are stunning!

  9. A beautiful piece Els that you appear to have conjured out of nowhere, which makes it even more impressive. I love the colours you have used and the detail is again exquisite. The figures in each piece truly bring your series together. A wonderful series that I have really enjoyed.

  10. Els you have created an amazing piece. You found very creative ways of transforming what was at hand to create a whole. It is a beautiful end to your series to see the figure looking through the door. The figures in each of the pieces in the series really add to the meaning of the pieces. The hand stitching shown in the detailed shots is really colourful.

  11. What a lovely end to your series Els. I applaud you in your creativity in such difficult times.. stunning!

  12. I love this doorway – India calling again. That you created this so far from home and in difficult circumstances is truly inspiring. It’s lovely.

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