Chantal Guillermet – C


Inspiration : The Hassan II Mosque inspired this piece. The proportions of the building, the profusion of tiles and the beautiful carved wooden panels were breathtaking.

Built on the waterfront  with white marble – for Muslims the house of God stands on the water – the Mosque is huge and strikes the eyes by its proportions and its simplicity . Inside, tiles on the floors and walls, wooden carved moucharabieh give a profusion of shapes and colours.

I started by painting the background fabric with a light blue Pebeo fabric paint as a reference to the sky and to the sea nearby, . For the composition I used 2 pictures : the minaret and a detail of a tiled wall.

Tracing the minaret from my picture I quilted it on the background. As I wanted to reproduced the strong light on the white marble, I painted it with shimmering paint. I enlarged the tile motif and using hand dyed fabrics I reproduced the mosaic around the minaret.

The quilt is free motion quilted and faced.

Detail view:

Original photos:

  1. Great capture of the essence of this beautiful city, wish to be there!

  2. carolinehiggs

    Great use of colour, a striking piece. Well done.

  3. magnifique chantal, j’adore!

  4. Maryte Collard

    Your quilt is beautiful and your style is easily recognizable. The Mosque really looks very light and reaching for the skies.

  5. Chantal a delightful interpretation, the tile design acts in contrast to the building. WOW

  6. Chantal I am in awe of your Casablanca quilt. It is most beautiful. We were also taken by the gorgeous tiling and you interpreted it so very well. The tower is beautiful too. The tiling is pieced if I see it correctly? Chapeau!

  7. Elsy the tiling is raw adge appliqué

  8. Beautiful colours! I love the detailed tower and the way you did the tiles.

  9. Beautifully done, nice use of color, the raw-edge applique is stunning.The tilework in Casablanca is inspiring.

  10. I love how you have been using the shimmering paint to get the idea of marble. Very effective.
    Beautiful tilework and a nice contrast to the tower. Bravo.

  11. joanbrailsford

    Beautiful depiction of the building and the you have created a serene atmosphere in the background, I love the geometric design derived from the tiles

  12. I love all the detail on the glimmering minaret against the sky and how you mimicked the geometric tile shapes in your quilting creating continuity in your composition. Well done!

  13. Your colours are always so delicate and give a sense of tranquillity. I like the combination you made with the tiles. Well done.

  14. Love the combination of the tiles and the architecture in your quilt. The blue in the background gives it a transparent look. Your quilting is beautiful.

  15. The mosque looks so cool and calm. I like the way you have created the effect of the beautiful tiles.

  16. studiociboulette

    As always your tile work is remarkable. I love the composition and integration of the tile work in your piece. Beautiful.

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