Margaret Horton – Entrance – Busy bees

Busy Bees

My interpretation of this theme is perhaps an obvious one,  an entrance to a beehive.  Bonded appliqué hexagon shapes applied to a hand dyed, printed background to form the hive and bee shapes printed onto a different piece of hand dyed, printed background, then joined together.  I felt the placement of the bees was important, because I wanted them to portray a sense of flying home.

The machine embroidery stitch used in amongst the hexagons was chosen because of its’ similarity in shape to that of the hexagons.  However many times I tell myself to think carefully about doing continuous quilting,  I never seem to remember and the fastening off of all the individual machining took a while!

As the hand seeding and quilting progressed, I felt that it needed an injection of colour and the bright orange beads were added, which I felt provided that.  Freestyle machine embroidery was used on and around the bee shapes, which made them appear to be flying out of the quilt.

A few lessons learned on this piece, I just hope I get to remember some of them.

Busy Bees full 800

Busy Bees close up

Close up view


  1. Another unique interpretation! Your fine stitching — by hand and around all those bees — is amazing, and the beads are reminiscent of the pollen the bees collect on their bodies as they seek nectar from the flowers.

  2. Brilliant, love the movement you have created with the bees and the colours are so subtle and warm, the beading just added that extra character to the bees journey to the entrance. Bravo

  3. I like your interpretation ! and your work is beautiful.

  4. carolinehiggs

    I love, this well worth the effort of finishing the ends!!

  5. joanbrailsford

    A beautiful piece with lovely attention to detail. I really like it

  6. You can almost hear the bees coming in. I love the combination of hand quilting and using machine embrodery stitches. A very good way to use them.

  7. A lovely balance of contrast and movement in this quilt. Just love all the detail and the lines of “honeycomb””. All very eye catching. I now feel the urge to start using embroidery stitches when I see the result you have achieved.

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