Caro Higgs – Series #5

The fifth quilt used some indigo and pomegranate dyed cotton fabric which I did some time ago and which fitted the subject perfectly. The circle I had created was just right so I hand quilted it to accentuate the circles; the central piece was too small but with the edition of some silk I had dyed at the same time I printed in fabric paint with the original lino blocks around the edge and then hand embroidered the main motif. The blue ties in with my previous quilt, and is a reminder of the indigo dying of Bagru, India where the original design was photographed, as is the addition of some sparkle to flowers which were on the original design.

The series gave me the chance to start with one motif and run with it, each idea came as I was working on the first two and I like to think that I have worked the full circle almost coming back to the original idea, exploring different possibilities along the way to arrive at a result which has a story.



Close up View:P1160694









Quilt in Series- Motifs




  1. This is the end of a beautiful series ! each quilt is linked to the previous one ! this last one is the one I prefer. The prints, the colours and embroideries are perfect !

  2. Caro, this piece is really beautiful. This one is my favorite. The way your series developed is so great! Bravo.

  3. Beautiful Caro, what a perfect way to end your series, that shows a journey around a subject. Nice to see the motive of your first piece so subtle coming back in the last one. And I love the way you let the colors slip in during the process and ends up with this beautiful, bright colored piece. I can see you enjoyed it to explore the possibilities, well done.

  4. Caro I was eager to see how your series would develop, it was an interesting wait with each quilt the “same” but different, you should be proud. Bravo

  5. Very cool! I really like your series and how you changed within the theme yet kept the same feeling. Nice quilting!

  6. I especially love the colors you use in this quilt. It is elegant. Seeing it makes me feel peace. Good job, Caro.

  7. I like the way that this design brings your series full circle. the colours are beautifully delicate and work very well with the motif, to give it a fluid feel. Very well carried out.

  8. These pieces are a beautiful reflection of your travels to India. I love the way that the circle turned out and is enhanced with the circles in the border. The color is beautiful and your hand stitching meticulous. The colours and continuity in your series are beautiful. They project a delicacy.

  9. Your series is so delicate and you have so much developed your own style. I love the subtle way how each new piece had the same design but still had its own charm. Wonderful work!

  10. A lovely series of variations. I particularly like the colours and the dainty hand stitching in this one. I feel India calling me back.

  11. What a lovely way to end your series. It was interesting to see how your motif and use of color evolved during this series. Well done.

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