Chantal Guillermet – Artist style #4

CHAGALL N° 4 : Flowers

In Chagall’s work, flowers fly into the air and join the immaginary characters he likes to create. They are often flowers of the fields full of charm and elegance.

For this piece I composed a bouquet with the flowers I love: tulips and irises.

I used an old embroidered napkin for the background that I dyed. The bouquet is transferred onto the fabric with the monoprinting technique, which left small black traces on the background like on some of Chagall’s paintings.

The inside of the flowers was bleached and then reworked with Inktense pencils and metallic paint.

Free motion quilting in black for the bouquet, hand quilting for the background with a thread dyed at the same time as the background fabric.

The quilt is faced.

  1. Great work, neat and precise as always! Lovely composition.

  2. Chantal your techniques always amaze me, I would never have thought of bleaching after monoprinting, so thank you for sharing. Beautiful soft colours. Bravo

  3. Maryte Collard

    Very interesting technique, really, but there is no need to wonder- you are the master. Love your pastel colors.

  4. I love your pastel colors, the delicacy in color and flowers .And the black spots also add another dimension to your work.

  5. Lovely bouquet and beautiful pastel colors. What a clever idea to bleach the inside of the flowers so you could paint your own colors. The black monoprint traces makes it even more special.

  6. Charming bouquet in lovely colours. Interesting technique! The black dots add
    something special to the piece. Lovely handstitching.

  7. joanbrailsford

    Beautiful bouquet and wonderfully rendered flowers make this a lovely piece. I really like that you have faint black marks in the background from the monoprint as it gives the work a very painterly look

  8. How lovely! The flowers are beautiful – both the shapes and the colours. I admire the range of techniques that you have used.

  9. I’m so excited to see fiber artists continuing to use repurposed items in their work. the painted flowers are well-done and I love your use of color.

  10. studiociboulette

    I so love your work So delicate and beautiful colors. Wonderful!

  11. Love how the soft background colors slowly get lighter and how the black monoprinting marks give me a feeling of faded writing. Very effective and creative techniques. Lovely!

  12. The colors of the flowers are so good now you bleached the shape first. The square of the original napkin gives it something extra. I’m glad you used it.

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